Persian Treasures Slots

Boasting a solid 5 reels and 10 paylines, Persian Treasures Slots with a unique attribute that allows symbols to be moved around the board (check out the massive gorilla icon, for example, which can be moved to unlock in-game prizes and work in conjunction with the scatter to introduce multipliers that extend your winning streak. In fact, these together can result in a win of up to 100x your starting wager. For even better wins, you can try your luck and roll the titular "Snake Eyes" to enjoy a much longer round than in the base version of the game.

Details on Bonus Attributes and Persian Treasures

Let's check out the combination payouts based on the symbols in Persian Treasures Slots. This has the usual five reels laid out over a 5x3 grid due to the three roles. Additionally, the inclusion of cascading wins goes a long way in positively adding to the Free Spins option, the Bonus Bet, the gamble option and the so-called Buy Special Feature. The cascading wins are also coupled with the Multiplier Trail and the Added Substitute/Wild in the game. It's important to be able to match up which you reading this review with what shows up on the game board: as a real money player you only have access to 20 of the available 25 lines for wagering purposes. Regardless, the usual rules of matching up identical icons in the left to right direction stand firm and guarantees you a win - as long as the relevant pay lines are active. In this incredible and generous game, the top prize is a whopping 250,000 times whatever you wager per pay line.

The wild icon is represented by a golden card with the word "Wild" emblazoned on the front; it will replace any other non-scatter symbol in the game to help you finish a winning combination for the resulting payout. As for the Persian Treasures scatter symbol, it is yet another golden card except with the fearsome main of an African lion emblazoned on the front, along with the phrase "Free Games" stamped right below its jaw. If you land five of a kind of the scattered lion card symbol, then you can activate 13 free games; if instead you dredge up four of a kind of the scattered lion card you trigger 10 free games; and lastly for three of a kind of the scatter card you activate 7 extra bonus games.

A particular attribute that we think you will love is the Multiplier Trail Feature; it is always active during any one of the multitude of free spins you can win. In light of the Cascading Wins using the Wild card, these together mean you can really win a large amount of cash if you get lucky during real money play. Any spin that has winning icons is capable of activating the two; once the payouts from the winning combinations are rendered, the contributing symbols will then be wiped off the gaming board for the next round. You will begin this next round with one Wild/substitute card appearing on a random reel; this is the gist of the Cascading Wins feature.

Regular Icons in Persian Treasures Slot

Of the run-of-the-mill icons in the game, all of which can be replaced by the substitute for enhanced wins, we begin with the two top symbols that payout the most. The first symbol is the blue and gold police Shield (at least, that's what it looks like - keep in mind that this is about Persian treasures so it's not really a police Shield). For five of a kind of the blue in gold police Shield look-alike symbol, you win 100 game credits on the pay lines; for four of a kind of the blue and gold police Shield symbol your prize is 40 game credits, and three of the blue and gold police Shield icon rewards you with 16 game credits. The second top symbol is the blue and red embedded Crystal; five of a kind of this puts 70 game credits into your bank account. If you land for of a kind of the red and gold embedded Crystal you take home 30 game credits, and three of the embedded Crystal symbol is worth 12 game credits.

Starting out the middle paying symbols we have the Golden Violet circular ring card; five of a kind get you a 50 game credit payout; four of a kind of the gold and Violet circular ring card pays you 20 game credits, and three of a kind of this embedded ring card is worth 8 game credits. The final character icon is represented with a gold and emerald green symbol; five of a kind rewards a player with 40 game credits, while four of a kind of the Golden emerald green symbol card rewards you with 12 game credits, and three of a kind of the gold and emerald green card pays out 6 game credits.

As for the cursive Ace symbol, five of them showing up at the same time is worth 24 game credits; for cursive Ace symbols pays 8 game credits, and three of a kind of the cursive Ace symbol is worth 4 game credits. Precisely equivalent we have the cursive King symbol - the payouts lineup perfectly with the ones just listed for the cursive Ace suit. The final set of lower symbols consists of the cursive Queen and the cursive Jack; each one of them, for five of a kind, returns a 20 game credit reward. Four of a kind of these returns a 6 game credit reward, and three of the cursive Queen or the cursive Jack get you 2 game credits.

A Whole Lotta Fun in Persian Treasures Slots

Did we mention that this is a highly volatile slot with a Return to Player metric of 96.08%? Well we just did - and this means you can expect frequent wins with a pretty good return each time. And of course be on the look out for the monstrous wins that can break the casino House bank. The top prize on any given real money wager is 5,300x on the paylines. Download Persian Treasures Slots.