Gems of Serengeti Slots

Precious Rocks to Win in Virtual Tanzania with Gems of Serengeti Slot

As a big fan of animal Slots, Pragmatic Play's Gems of Serengeti Slots holds a special intrigue for online casino gamers. Sporting 5 reels and 3 roles, to go along with the 20 pay lines and in-game bonus rounds, this high-volatility slot is as much of a visual treat as it is a high-quality pokey. As much fun as it is to play, the real money version is your best bet if you're looking to gamble for a shot at the ability to win 4000 times your wager. This game is all about collecting virtual gems (there's a maximum of 27 possible), and there's a multi-spin feature included that really ratchets up your opportunities.

As for the game metrics, you can look forward to a Return to Player (RTP) value of an impressive 96.41%; this metric, along with the Hit Frequency, denotes how often you can expect to win, as well as the relative size of the average prize and frequency of said prize. If you really want to boost what you can win in this game, the key is to luck into the Wild and Scatter symbols; for they exist significantly improve your wins. The scatter symbol, for example, is the key which unlocks the special bonus feature in Gems of Serengeti Slots. With the right combination, you can literally double or triple your prizes!

Bonus Symbols Rev Up the Gameplay

What would the enigmatic Gems of Serengeti Slots be without the usual special bonus symbols that are known to really rev up slot playing?! No worries, this game has two of them in store for you. The first one will cover shortly is the Wild or substitute icon - it is represented by an African Chief Mask made of gold and precious jewels. As is almost always the case in just about any video pokey, the wild will substitute for the other icons in the game to help you complete a winning combination for the prescribed payout. The only symbol cannot replace is the Bonus or Scatter; will touch on that a little bit later in this review. As for the Wild African Chief Mask symbol, five of a kind is worth a nifty $50.00, whereas for of the golden African Chief Mask icons pays you $15.00, and three of a kind is worth $5.00.

Symbol Payout Combos for Gems of Serengeti Pokey

The very first symbol of note just so happens to be the highest paying icon in this online game. It is an African warrior icon, and a handful of them showing up on the reels simultaneously returns a payout of $37.50; whereas four African warrior symbols gets you $10.00, and three of a kind of the African elite fighter is worth $3.00. Included in the higher paying symbols section is Bow and Arrow Princess icon; five of a kind of her get you a $30.00 reward; if instead you land four of a kind of the Bow and Arrow Princess symbol you win $7.50, and three Bow and Arrow Princess symbols are worth $2.00 on the payout reels/lines. The last of the top-paying symbols is none other than the Regal Lion; five of a kind of the Regal Lion pays you $20.00 per; four Regal Lion symbols are worth $5.00, and three of a kind of the Regal Lion pays you $1.50.

In the middle-value paying symbols we have just two of the more prevalent animals on the Serengeti plains: the Leopard and the Vulture. Five of a kind of the Stocky Leopard symbol pays you $15.00; for four of a kind of the Stocky Leopard symbol you win a payout of $4.00, and three such Leopard symbols are worth $1.25. The second one is the Soaring Vulture symbol; five of these icons are worth a payout of $10.00; four of a kind of the Soaring Vulture icon pays you $3.00, and three Soaring Vulture symbols are worth $1.00 in the real money version of Gems of Serengeti Slots.

The third and final row of paying symbols consists of the low-pain poker card jackets. We begin with the Ace and the King symbols; either of them pays you $7.50 for five of a kind landing simultaneously on the game reels; four of a kind of the Ace or the King poker card suit is worth a $2.00 payout, and three of a kind of either one of these chief poker jackets pays you $0.60 should they appear. The second set of same-value symbols includes the Queen and the Joker; five of a kind of either one is worth $5.00, whereas for Queens or four Joker jackets pays you $1.00; lastly, three of a kind of the Joker or the Queen is worth $0.40 as a payout.

That's it for this comprehensive review. If you want to take a chance and play this game to understand it, then head over to the website on your mobile device or your desktop and seek out the Play Now button so that you can enjoy the game without obligation. Your browser will activate Adobe flash mechanism and you can be playing with virtual money without even thinking your bank account Thomas immediately. If, on the other hand, you wish to gamble for an opportunity to win some real moolah, then you have to download the casino software and set up your account to make a deposit.