Treasures of Fire: Scatter Pays Slots

So what can you expect from this brilliant and vibrant color-slot that has conveniently landed right in the palm of your hands - assuming you're playing the mobile device version? Treasures of Fire: Scatter Pays Slots brings all the goods; including adventure, a visual treat, plenty of ways to win by lucking into the symbol combination payouts as described on the pay table, and more. The theme of the game involves battling a great Red Dragon (as described in the biblical Book of Revelation), and snatching up his multitude of colorful gems you can get past his watchful red eyes. He delighted of the many available treasures.

In this Pokey, the cascading grid has an octuplet of identical icons that consist of Dragon eggs, crystals, and gems of every primary color and some of the latter colors of the rainbow you will also be provided with the opportunity to rack up multipliers ranging from 2x2 and amazing 100x. And we haven't even gotten to the bonus games courtesy of the scatter symbols, the re-triggering ability and the symbol substituting wild icon you can read about those a bit further on in this review.

We mentioned that you can play Treasures of Fire: Scatter Pays Slots on your mobile device; this is due courtesy of the new HTML 5 protocol that allows easy gaming on your Android and Apple iOS portable gaming systems and desktop. The demo mode let you play worry-free, whereas the download puts real cash at stake.

Game Attributes Are in Plentiful Supply

There's a solid number of bonus games in addition to the base option, which makes the attendant multiplier is especially profitable. All you have to do in this game of chance is get the bonus icons lined up to form winning combinations and enjoy the big payouts that will be shuttled to your attached bank account. There's also a free spins game, which descends and replaces the current screen when you receive between three and six scatter symbols; these lead to between 10 and 20 free spins. Every three scatter symbols after this bring in an additional five extra chances at winning, due to the retrigger teacher lock into the pokey. The name of the bonus game is the Fire Breath Feature - so keep an eye out for it.

Treasures of Fire Payout Schedule

It should come as no surprise that such a bright and vivacious pokey as Treasures of Fire: Scatter Pays is chock-full of brilliant symbols that payout handsomely when they appear in a multitude on the game board. The first of these is the most valuable, and is represented by a Fire Dragon icon. This and the other symbols, when collected, will be trading for the commensurate game credits that are listed. If you land x12+ of the Fire Dragon symbol on the game board, then your payout is 40.00 credits; if instead you land x11 Fire Dragons you receive 20.00 credits, for x10 Fire Dragon icons your reward is once again 20.00 credits; for x9 Fire Dragon you win 8.00 credits, and for x8 Fire Dragon your prize is repeated at 8.00 credits. There's quite a bit of drop off in the symbol values of the remaining icons.

Next in line is the Vibrant Purple Dragon Egg icon; for x12+ of this symbol your payout is 25.00 credits; if instead you line up x11 Vibrant Purple Dragon Eggs on the game board you win 10.00 credits, and for x10 Vibrant Purple Dragon Egg icons your prize remains the same at 10.00 credits. If you land x9 or x8 of the Vibrant Purple Dragon Egg symbol you win 2.50 game credits for either series. Following this is the Electric Blue Dragon Egg; for 12 or more of these showing up you win 20.00 game credits; if instead you get 11 Electric Blue Dragon Eggs at the same time you win 5.00 game credits, and for 10 Electric Blue Dragon Eggs your prize is still 5.00 credits. If you managed to land either 9 or 8 Electric Blue Dragon icons you win 2.00 game credits either way.

The last three icons are somewhat reminiscent of the position of the poker card suits in most other pokies. We start with the Shining Emerald Dragon Egg; landing 12 or more of these results in a 15.00 credit payout; whereas landing either 11 or 10 of the Shining Emerald Dragon egg icon lead you to a 3.00 credit reward, and if you line up 9 or 8 Shining Emerald Dragon Eggs your prize is 1.50 game credits for both sets. Getting ready to close out this pay table results review, the second to last symbol is the Explosive Dragon Egg - it is colored a fiery red, orange and cinnamon. For 12 or more of the Explosive Dragon Symbol you receive 10.00 game credits; for either 11 or 10 of the Explosive Dragon Egg your prize is 1.50 game credits, and should you get 9 or 8 Explosive Dragon Eggs your prize is 1.00 credits. The ending symbol is a bit of a changeup, and is represented by a purple Crystal. If you land at least 12 of these purple Crystal icons your prize is 6.00 credits; if instead 11 or 10 purple crystals appear you win 1.00 game credits and getting 9 or 8 purple crystals guarantees a 0.40 game credit payout.