Snakes & Ladders – Snake Eyes Slots

An animal utopia game in which snakes and guerillas rule over a glorious jungle, Snakes and Ladder - Snake Eyes from Pragmatic Play offers players profitable symbols and complex, rewarding bonus features. Members of online casinos like Mr Q, N1 Bet, Casumo, and Rant can launch the games in Instant Play and mobile versions.

A Visually Exciting Wilderness with Memorable Animal Inhabitants

The game offers five reels and three rows. Players have at their disposal a total of 10 pay lines. The RTP of the game fluctuates between 94.08 and 96.08. The biggest possible win members can acquire after spinning the reels once is 5300 times the total bet. Players can wager up to 10 coins with a maximum value of 1 credit in a single spin, which forms a total bet of 100 credits.

Behind the reels is a gorgeous natural landscape featuring rocky areas, waterfalls, streams, rivers protruding from them, vast stretches of emerald forest, and diamond-like clouds mixing up with the mountains. In the foreground, the most impressive symbols are the grinning snake and the imperious-looking guerilla.

The Jungle Paytable Includes Rewarding Animals and Their Helpful Tools

Snakes and Ladders offers ten symbols with three winning combinations - three to five matching symbols. The wild Dice and Guerilla symbols are the game's top-paying ones, offering 1000, 2500, and 5000 credits. The banana and the snake symbols deliver 500, 1000, and 2000 credits.

The box from which the snake emerges at the beginning of a magic trick brings 300, 750, and 1500 credits. The least profitable symbols are the card symbols from A to 10. The Ace and the King's rewards are 150, 400, and 1000 credits. The Queen, the Jack, and the Ten's prizes are 50, 150, and 500 credits.

Benefit from the Wild Dice Symbols and the Exceptionally Profitable Board Bonus

The Wild Dice symbol has the usual replacing effect, but it also has a unique effect - it can show one, two, or three dots every time it lands. The number of dots represents the size of the multiplier that will affect all the earnings from the wild's combinations. The Snake and Ladders Bonus symbol is a logo, having the title of the game in its mini icon.

The first bonus feature is the Snakes and Ladders Board Bonus. The Bonus symbol activates the round; three symbols deliver 12 dice rolls, four symbols grant 14 dice rolls, and five symbols provide 16 dice rolls. The feature plays out on a board with 144 squares (12 by 12) and can award numerous multiplier prizes via ladder, snake, and banana symbols. The monkey head symbol and the position it lands on will determine the size of the individual award. The ladder symbol enables the monkey head to move from one reel to the upper one.