Santa's Great Gifts Slots

There is a certain category of online pokeys that always manage to be a hit once the winter months come around - in fact, they tend to remain so throughout the year. Santa's Great Gifts Pokey from online casino giant, Pragmatic Play Just so happens to belong to this category and, with the riveting graphics and game-play, it's almost certain to keep you engaged well through the night. With a 6x5 gameboard set-up, winning big in this game requires you to line up an octuplet of matching icons; but keep in mind that you can line up plenty of combos in-between this number and three of a kind to get some kind of a win.

Some of the special treats come in the form of bonus icons known as the wild and the scatter - you're probably used to these if you have sent any amount of time playing casino games in cyberspace. These symbols - which we will get more into later - help you unlock free spins, free games, special bonus features and many more things. There's also a progressive jackpot with which to truly whet your appetite for gaming for real money.

Santa's Great Gifts Slots has a single powerful scatter symbol that has the potential to unlock the special bonus game. It is represented by none other than Santa Claus himself, and has a special ability of being available on every single real; furthermore, the scattered Santa Claus is capable of paying out no matter what position it occupies - this includes the ability to pay you if it shows up from the right to left position, or conversely from the left to right position. For six of a kind of the scattered Santa Claus, your payout is $100.00; if instead you get five of a kind of the scattered Santa Claus you win $5.00, and for scattered Santa Claus icons pays you $3.00.

Icon Payouts for the Real Money Pokies Player

Although the Christmas holiday is over for this season, you can still regale yourself with Pragmatic Plays eponymous Santa's Great Gifts Slots. In this particular section, we prepare to delve into the symbol combination payouts for the pleasure of you real money gamers who like to risk it all. Let's start (obviously) with the highest paying icons: the first one is the Snowman Crystal Globe; if you land between 12 and 30 on the giant enormous pay lines, your prize is a not-inconsiderable $50.00. If instead you land between 10 and 11 Snowman Crystal Globes, you win $25.00, and lastly landing between 8 and 9 hi-pain Snowman Crystal Globe icons are worth a $10.00 payout. Next in line we have the always-welcome Gingerbread Man symbol. Landing between 12 and 30 Gingerbread Man Icons pays you $25.00; getting a layout of between 10 and 11 Gingerbread Man icons are worth $10.00, and lining up between 8 and 9 Gingerbread Man symbols pays you $2.50.

The second row consists of a solid three mid-paying icons, starting with the Christmas Tree symbol. If you get between 12 and 30 Christmas Trees simultaneously on the game board, you win $15.00; if instead you land between 10 and 11 Christmas Tree icons your reward is a 5.00 billfold; lastly for this symbol, 8 to 9 Christmas Trees pays you $2.00. Second in line is the Silver Candy Cane symbol; 12 to 30 such icons will recompense the real money gamer with a $12 payout for his wagering troubles; landing between 10 and 11 Silvered Candy Canes are worth just $2.00, and getting 8 to 9 Silvered Candy cane symbols to show up will reward you with $1.50. The last of the mid-paying icons is the Red Cup of Cappuccino; 12 to 30 Cappuccino symbols appearing at the same time is worth $10.00, whereas between 10 and 11 Cappuccino symbols pays you $1.50, and 8 to 9 Red Cup of Cappuccino symbols pays you just $1.00.

There are four low-paying symbols in Santa's Great Gifts Slots; they are all ornaments emblazoned with poker card symbols that you hang on your Holiday Christmas Tree. The first of them is the Pink Ace of spades; 12 to 30 Pink Ace of spades suits are worth $8.00, whereas 10 to 11 paying Ace of spades get you $1.20, and 8 to 9 pink Ace of spades pays you $0.80. Next is a red Queen of hearts; landing 12 to 30 red Queen of hearts pays you $5.00, landing between 10 and 11 red Queen of hearts get you $1.00, and getting between 8 and 9 red Queen of hearts suits are worth $0.50. Following this is the green four leaf clover suit; if the game board reveals a lineup of 12 to 30 green four leaf clover suits you win $4.00; getting between 10 and 11 green four leaf clover Christmas tree ornament symbols is worth $0.90, and between 8 in 9 green four leaf clover suits pays you $0.40. The final low-paying symbol in the pokey is the blue diamond; between 12 and 30 blue diamond symbols gets the player $2.00, getting 10 to 11 blue diamonds are worth $0.75, and 8 to 9 blue diamond jackets pays you $0.25.

Pragmatic Play Delivers

This moderate review has everything you'd want in an online slot, so come on in and enjoy this relatively new venture by Pragmatic Play. Play for free in your Firefox or Chrome browser by locating and depressing the Instant Play banner to activate Flash; otherwise, just download and play for access to real cash and prizes.