Avoid Bonus Abuse In 5 Easy Steps

Bonuses are an excellent approach for gamers to profit from the advantages of the particular supplier. Some gamers misuse incentives so severely that they are labeled as "bonus abusers." As a result, even if they don't abuse the benefits, other players who love receiving them are impacted.

These actions can punish these users as they risk having their accounts terminated and their money seized. So how do you escape this horrible fate? Keep reading to find out five easy steps on how to avoid bonus abuse.

What is Considered Bonus Abuse?

Bonus abuse refers to players' actions or loopholes to misuse incentives offered by online casinos, like creating multiple accounts, trying to cash out immediately, using the same bonus several times, playing invalid games, and making large bets with bonus money.

1. Don't Create Multiple Accounts

Although some users may attempt to create multiple accounts and claim bonuses using different email addresses, this is strictly prohibited by the website's terms and conditions. Violators will be quickly detected and investigated by the casinos, which have the ability to monitor users' IP addresses. However, players will be given the opportunity to explain before any action is taken in case the casino has wrongly flagged their account.

2. Not Meeting Playthrough Requirements

If you attempt to withdraw bonus money before meeting the rollover requirement at an online casino, it may harm your credibility with them. It's unlikely that they will approve the withdrawal, and if they lose trust in you, they may deny you access to their platform. So, make sure to fulfill the wagering requirement and avoid losing any money!

3. Don't Try To Claim a Bonus Multiple Times

Although many bonuses can be redeemed multiple times, there are bonuses of one-time-use only, and when you stumble across one of these, don't try to claim it twice. Indeed, players can occasionally evade detection and receive bonuses to which they are no longer entitled. Still, the casino would catch this in most cases and simply stop the players from collecting the bonus.

4. Don't Play Invalid Games

Using free bonuses as wager money is prohibited in several games since it boosts players' chances of winning. Of course, no casino would just offer players free cash to use on these kinds of games. This explains the limitations placed on bonus offers and the reason why they are only valid for particular games.

5. Don't Exceed The Maximum Bets

When players receive bonuses to try out and enjoy new games, they shouldn't just place one enormous wager on a game, as this is considered abuse by casinos. But some individuals do this, and it is almost always expressly forbidden by the bonus's terms and conditions, so make sure to always give this section a read beforehand.


Basically, it is very easy to avoid bonus abuse, just read the terms and conditions of the promotion! Don't try to fool the casino, as they have many methods and checkers in place to catch users. So why take the risk?!