Sword of Ares Slots

Any game named after the greek God of war better bring the intensity, and Sword of Ares doesn't disappoint. With heart pounding, menacing music, six reels, dazzling graphics, fun combinations, and volatility of 96.40%, Sword of Ares is a hot game for an experienced slot player. Dare you pick up your sword and venture into the Sword of Ares? Of course you do! But read my review first.

H​ow It All Works

W​hat's great about this game is it has six reels, which means the board is flush with potential. Because we're playing with Ares, all of the graphics are themed; you'll find gems, helmets, chariots, and more on this brightly colored, attention-grabbing board. Like all slots, different pieces amount to different awards and combinations. T​he Ares Scatter is by far the best on the board as it leads to 10,000x + 15 Free Spins. When you land on four scatters, you instantly earn a bunch of free spins (15 to be exact). Not only that, but you will also land an instant prize. This feature makes it really fun and exciting as the game allows you to enjoy up to 500x multipliers. But if you land another piece, don't worry. Icons like the helmet, chariot, and shield earn you 2,000, 1,000 and 750 respectively. The game also awards huge multipliers of up to 15x, while players can land Bomb Symbols for massive win potential. Looking for free spins? Ares has got you covered. Players can enjoy Free Spins of up to 500x unlocked, and the game presents a max win of 10,000x.


As soon as you start playing, you'll see a row of multipliers at the top of the reels, which compounds the thrill during each bet as you always have the possibility of earning more money than your original bet. The more wins, the higher up the multipliers you can go. Eventually, this can lead to some really big winnings. Something cool about Ares' multipliers? You can enjoy them during free spins, too.

High Risk, High Reward

T​here's no beating around the bush: The Sword Of Ares is a high risk, high reward, high volatility game. Of course, what else would you expect when you play with a greek God? Still, because of its high volatility you should enter this game with caution and a little bit of bravery.

L​et The Winner Take All!

I​f you're looking for a play-anywhere board that's pedal to the metal, consider the intense Sword of Ares for your next play. Suit up in your armor and duel against Ares for your chance to win big.