Casino Big Winners at Cafe Casino!

Cafe Casino

Hang on a second. You're ready to sign in (or sign up) to Cafe Casino. You want to check out some games to play. So… why would you wait for a while and go and read some stories about people who scooped major prizes there first?

We get that you may want to start playing whenever you're in the mood. But there are reasons why you should read about previous winners if you get the chance. You can find out more than you think if you do this.

You can find out which games they played when those prizes dropped

Some casinos don't share this information, but we like it when they do. With lots of casino games to choose from at Café Casino, it's hard sometimes to know which one to pick first.

Of course, choosing a game just because someone else won a huge sum playing it doesn't mean the same is going to happen to you. Far from it - you know that winning huge sums on these games is unlikely for any individual. Some people do manage to get the better of the odds though, and you may even find a game you hadn't seen before.

You can learn whether the progressive jackpots are behind the biggest prizes

We tend to think the big wins come from slot games (and a few table games) offering progressive jackpot prizes. However, fixed jackpots - the top prizes across all the games you could play - are also quite significant. You should see these listed as coins or multipliers in the paytable, depending on how the game progresses.

In other cases, a player may have triggered a series of smaller (yet still significant) prizes over a short period of play. Those prizes added together can reveal a major prize overall, so that is something else to look for.

You can realize the potential Café Casino can offer

We know most prizes paid out by casino games are on the small side. However, there are bigger prizes available that drop less often. Seeing other players managing to trigger some of those prizes is reassuring. You can see that when a player does manage to get the better of a game, they get their prize just as they were promised.

You may feel inspired to try a new game

Café Casino is full to the rafters with games you're going to like a lot. It's hard sometimes to take them all in. Yet if you read about some of their big winners, you may occasionally spot a different or new game to play. This gives you something else to think about, and it is worth doing that if you can.