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You cannot rely on every casino offering a mobile casino for you to use if you fancy it. While players did once visit their casinos on desktop and laptop computers, we all use the internet far more on tablets and smartphones than we used to. Even though playing games on a smaller screen may sound unusual, it is anything but. It could be more entertaining than you think.

And if you are wondering about visiting the mobile version of Café Casino, there are lots of great reasons why you might want to do so.

You've still got a superb array of games to choose from

In the past, we found a few excellent online casinos that looked, well… a lot smaller when we visited their mobile site instead. Not all games were ready for mobile action, and that meant having a far smaller array of games to choose from.

Fortunately, things have changed in recent times. Now, most if not all new releases are available on all platforms. And many software developers are going through their older slots and revamping them for play on mobile devices as well.

One account covers all ways to visit the site

If you are already a member of Café Casino, you don't need to do anything other than remember your login details. You can use those to access the mobile site too. That is a great way of getting access to your account on your tablet or smartphone, whichever device you want to play on.

Play games with different controls

Yes, instead of using your mouse to control the games you most want to play, you'll see there are touchscreen controls involved instead. Many of the best games available at Café Casino are fine to access via mobile devices as well. This means you can play your favorites differently, by tapping and swiping according to the controls and the moves you need to make to play. Try a demo or two first, even if you've played those games before, so you can get used to the difference.

Our Recommendations for Top Slots to Try at Café Casino

Café Casino is chock full of slots of all kinds. It's difficult to express just how many games there are on their site, and how entertaining they are as well.

We looked through their collection to pick out a few of our favorites. You may not agree with all our choices, but we think you'll find something here that will set you off on a memorable journey. We're talking entertainment with a chance of prizes.

777 Deluxe

The 777 makes us think of a classic three-reel slot, yet this one features five reels and feels like an expanded version of that classic style. The traditional 5 x 3 format is in action here, along with 10 lines to play over, so this is an affordable game to try. However, you can get winning combos paying anywhere here, so if you get three matching icons on the same paid line - even if they start on reel two - you win!

Caesar's Empire

This is another jackpot game and one of several superb slots featuring Julius Caesar as well. This is an older game from RTG, and you'll find many of their other games at Café Casino as well. Look out for the wild Caesar coin, as this combines with the Coliseum to award 10 free games. there are a few twists to those games, as you'll see when you play them. This is no ordinary game, hence why it's still popular today.


No progressive in this one, but it does have an amusing take on the movie GoodFellas. A mafia theme driven by… fish? Yes, and it works well, too. For something different and fun to play, this is great to try as a demo. Frankie's Fishmonger Bonus is where the real action begins, and if you can get to that screen with three scatters, you'll play one out of six bonus features.

Scary Rich 3

We've selected this one because it is the third in a trilogy of games from Rival Gaming (you'll find many of their other games at Café Casino as well). You can also see how the graphics have improved over the years after playing the first two titles in the series. Of course, that means this scary slot is scarier than the first two, so be warned… Oh, and Rival is great at their i-Slots, so you can check out how it works here.

Easy to deposit via mobile devices too

While some banking methods are specifically designed for mobile devices, many standard payment methods are fine to use like this as well. So, if you sign into your Café Casino account, for example, and you realize you need some more cash in there before you play, you can easily deposit it safely and securely however you wish.

With all these great points in place, it's easy to see why more people are visiting the Café Casino mobile website any day of the week.