How to Make the Most of No Wager Spins

Online casinos offer plenty of varied deals for new and current players to take advantage of. One of many offers you might see online involves no wager spins. That sounds promising, right? The name doesn't tell you a lot about those spins though, other than suggesting you can use them to play slot games.

That much is certainly true, but you can see more about these spins and what the offer entails by reading the rest of our report here. Once you know what the spins involve, you may well want to go hunting for them.

What does 'no wager spins' mean?

Casinos use lots of different terms to describe their bonuses. It's not surprising that some people get confused about what each term means.

You may know that most casino bonuses have wagering requirements. These are conditions you must meet before you can claim any prizes you've won by using those bonuses. A casino will display its wagering requirements as a number, followed by the x sign or simply saying the word times. So, you might see 25x or 25 times to tell you what the requirements are.

However, the phrase no wager spins tells us that there are no wagering requirements attached. You can use them and not need to meet any requirements.

Are there any limitations on no wager spins?

Yes, you will find that most of these offers have a maximum amount you can claim in prize money derived from using those spins. For instance, the small print might say that you can use your spins to scoop real prizes, but you cannot get anything worth more than $20. This is just an example - do read the information that comes with the no wager spins, so you can see whether you'll find any limitations there.

It means that if you were to use your spins and scoop total prizes worth $37, you'd still only be able to withdraw $20 of that cash. However, it's still a far better deal than getting free spins with hefty wagering requirements attached.

Find out which slot games you can play with your spins

Most no wager spins have limitations attached. We've seen how this works with prizes, so it makes sense that the casino could limit access to certain games. Even if they do not, we would never recommend that you play progressive slots. Can you imagine what it would feel like to get a progressive jackpot only to find you couldn't withdraw it… or only a tiny portion of it at most?

Most sites restrict access to these when using no wager spins anyway. However, you may find there are other games that are out of bounds, so be sure you only choose slots that are fine to play.

Don't forget the small print

No wager spins are one of the most appealing online casino deals you can claim. However, every offer has small print and terms and conditions. You should read through those before claiming them, so you know for sure what is involved and how to approach the offer.

In some cases, we have seen a set quantity of spins with each one worth a set amount. So, you might receive 10 wager free spins worth 10 cents each, for example. However, in another case you might get a few dollars you can use for no wager spins. These are less common, but you should check in advance. With anything like this, you can get more from your money with smaller wagers, as the cash goes further and gives you more spins.

Stick with us and we'll make sure you always get the latest news about any no wager spin offers we find for any online casino. They're not as common as many people would like them to be… but they are out there. Make sure you don't miss anything. Bookmark our site now and you'll already be improving the odds of finding the next no wager offer that we find.