Self-Exclusion In New Jersey

Due to the rise of legalized gambling in the country, many people are taking various steps to help prevent problem gamblers from getting into trouble. One of these is self-exclusion.

This is when people who are serious about preventing themselves from gambling can get their names placed on a list that prevents them from doing so for a certain amount of time.

While some online gambling sites have restrictions that prevent people from gambling, self-exclusion is a more effective method for those who are worried about their behavior. In New Jersey, there are a variety of details that bettors need to know about this program.

How can players self-exclude in New Jersey?

People can choose to do it online or in person. In addition to this, gamblers can also join a list that's specific to their situation.

You can also choose to remove yourself from all of the activities related to gambling in Atlantic City casinos. If you need to stop gambling completely, then you must do it in person.

The minimum time that people need to complete this process is one year. However, they can also choose to have it done in five years or a lifetime.

People who wish to apply for self-exclusion in New Jersey must first submit their applications to the state's gaming division. This division is located in the Atlantic City's Arcade Building. People can also visit the offices of the New Jersey Racing Commission or the Monmouth Park or the Empire State Building in New York.

Since most people who gamble online don't use a physical casino, completing the form online is very convenient. To start the process, go to the New Jersey portal.

If you're on the list, then you won't be able to gamble with the other licensed operators in the state. After the exclusion period has ended, you can request to remove yourself from the list by completing an online form.

After you've submitted the form, the gaming division will then have five business days to remove your name from the list. If you don't send in a request to get your name taken off, then you'll still be subject to the restrictions.

FAQs on self-exclusion in NJ.

The program was first established in 2001 to help individuals who were struggling with their problem gambling at Atlantic City casinos. In 2013, it was expanded to include online wagering.

Can you mail-in the application?

People who wish to apply for self-exclusion in New Jersey must first submit their applications to the state's gaming division. They'll need to show their driver's license or passport to prove their identity.

Can I place another person on the self-exclusion list?

No, this is not possible. You can't place another person on the self exclusion list. You're only allowed to voluntarily place yourself onto the list.

Can I continue trying to gamble if I'm on the list?

People who gamble in New Jersey are not allowed to enter the state's casinos or log into a betting app. If they gamble, they'll be kicked out of the business and their winnings won't be returned.