96 Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

We didn't know much about 96 Casino other than that it's a new site without much information available. That made us curious to learn all that the site offers and to understand what sort of play experience you can expect from there. We spent days reviewing the site to find out exactly what it has going for it. Below is what we learned.

13 Different Game Providers in One

While most of the providers aren't well-known, we were still impressed to see the large number of games available to enjoy at 96 Casino. There are options from 13 separate companies, giving you hundreds of different choices to select from. The most well-known companies are Pragmatic Play and Vivo Gaming, but there are 11 additional software companies all offering games as well. This is the type of casino that you'll want to spend time exploring the different options on.

An Excellent Live Casino

While there are enough standard casino games available to keep most gamblers busy for a long time, there are also plenty of live dealer games to choose from. These specialty options give you the chance to bet while you see a dealer as you play. You'll feel like you're sitting in a casino while enjoying the live dealer experience.

A Powerful Sportsbook

We saw 96 Casino as a sportsbook before ever realizing it had slots and table games. If you join the site you are likely signing up for the sports betting features, but there is more than that available. You have a full casino aside from very capable sports wagering features.

Rapid Registration

Joining this casino only takes a moment thanks to the simple registration process. If you want an account with the casino you only have to spend a few moments going through the signup process. Input your data and you'll have a casino account that's ready to go moments later. This is excellent news for any gambler who's ready to begin playing fast.

Few Bonuses

This crypto casino lacks the most common bonuses that you would find at other online casinos. When you play here you'll mostly be entering contests hoping to get a big win. The casino lacks a welcome bonus and doesn't have a no-deposit bonus either. Instead, you should watch for the latest contests and try to enter them when you can. When you aren't using a contest, you should work towards ranking up in the VIP program.

A Powerful VIP System

Every member of the site has access to the VIP perks offered. Play frequently and for an extended period and you'll accrue a substantial number of VIP benefits over time. Build up your bonus points and unlock perks that grow in size over time. You'll be impressed by how many extra benefits you can get from this system, and things only get better with time.

A Crypto Casino

96 Casino is a crypto site that depends on a few cryptocurrencies for all the different gambling that goes on. You must be comfortable using cryptocurrencies to pay for things to use the site. If you aren't comfortable you must be willing to spend time learning how to use a crypto wallet before you play here.

96 Casino is a new site with a nice variety of standard and live dealer casino games, but more than that it's a sports betting site and a platform you can join quickly and easily. Use all these features to have a good time wagering on the site and you may be surprised by the gambling experience you're capable of having.