Wheel of Chance - Quick Spin Slots

If you love game show slots, we have a great game to play. Wheel of Chance - Quick Spin slots is patterned after Wheel of Fortune in looks, but the gameplay and bonus features stand out as unique.

The Symbols and Payouts

Wheel of Chance has both minor and major symbols. The minor symbols are standard poker symbols. Things you'd find in game shows and the Wild make up the rest of them.

  • 10 - 5 to 50 coins
  • Jack - 5 to 60 coins
  • Queen - 8 to 80 coins
  • King - 12 to 160 coins
  • Ace- 12 to 160 coins
  • Yacht - 15 to 200 coins
  • New Car - 20 to 500 coins
  • Diamond Ring - 25 to 600 coins
  • Plane Trip - 30 to 800 coins
  • Wild Wheel of Chance - 50 to 5,000

The paytable is easily accessed through the "I" button on the bottom left. Click it and the paytable loads along with all of the possible prizes and game rules. One thing we love is that the Wheel of Chance Wild symbols is stacked and frequently appear. They lead to massive payouts when you get them. Here's how well we did on five spins on a $3 coin value.

  • 1st Spin - $120
  • 2nd Spin - Nothing
  • 3rd Spin - $24
  • 4th Spin - $120 and triggered the Quick Spin Bonus where we won 2x
  • 5th Spin - Nothing

Win Instant Cash Prizes

The Instant Cash Scatter awards an instant cash prize when it appears three, four, or five times. The value of this scatter varies, but three of them award anywhere from 6x to 75x. Four award a prize of 8x to 100x. All five get you an instant cash prize of 10x to 125x.

The Quick Spin Bonus Game

The Quick Spin symbol appears on the first, third, and fifth reels. When it appears on all three reels at the same time, you win a 2x prize. Plus, you spin the bonus wheel and win up to 16 free spins, a multiplier of up to 10x, or up to four wild reels added to the last spin.

About the Game

Wheel of Chance - Quick Spin slots has 20 paylines formed across the 5 reels and 3 rows. Play for as little as a penny per line for a 20-cent bet or go to the max bet of $200 ($10 coin value). The slot game theme is patterned after game shows, specifically Wheel of Fortune.

Players are welcome to try the game out using demo play first. Once you're ready to play for real money, you'll be delighted by how much you can win with the help of the wild.