Plinko Casino Game

Plinko is a fun word to say, and it's also one of our new favorite online casino games. The idea behind the game is simple, and very similar to roulette, with a few key differences. Find out what Plinko is all about and why this casino game should be the next one you play.

Pegs and Discs

Plinko features a set of pegs oriented in a triangle, with a range of values underneath. As you play, you'll unleash discs from the top, and watch them bounce down through all the pegs to their final destination.

Different Colored Discs Determine Your Win

You pay for each disc drop in Plinko, and you have the choice between Green, Yellow, and Red balls. If you look at the values below the pegs you'll see that Green balls have the lowest value, followed by Yellow and finally Red. Spend more for the higher-value discs and you can play for the larger prizes.

Values Increase Near the Edges

As you look at all the lower values below the Plinko pegs you'll see a pattern. Near the center, the values are low or nothing at all, and they increase as they go out towards the edges. This means, if your disc falls out of the final peg near an outside edge, you'll win one of the maximum prize payouts. Discs rarely fall out in these positions though, and are much more likely to come out in the middle.

Adjust the Number of Pegs

While playing Plinko you have a few different options you can adjust through. You can increase the number of pegs to increase the difficulty and the prize rewards. You can decrease the peg count to make things easier, and you have the option to adjust your bet value. Combine those options with different disc color options and you have a huge range of play combinations to work with.

Bet High or Low

The many different play options are complemented nicely by the range of betting options. When you play this game you're free to bet a low amount or to ramp up the intensity with larger wagers. No matter how much money you have available to play with, you can wager at a limit that keeps things interesting and worthwhile for you.

Demo Plinko Free

Plinko is a unique game that many gamblers have never experienced. If you aren't sure about the game, you don't have to start by wagering your money to test things. Instead, you can play the game in its demo mode, learning how the features work and getting a feel for the game before risking your money. Demo mode is easy to launch, and once it's open it's simple to experience all the features offered by the game.

Plinko is one of our favorite games to recommend to online gamblers looking for a simple game that's different from standard slots. It is easy to learn, it's entertaining and the game offers some exciting winning opportunities as well.