RedDice Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Red Dice are a pretty standard symbol of gambling fun. Red Dice Casino builds on this basic theme to create an upscale-looking site with many impressive features. We were wowed by the list of games and bonuses available at Red Dice, but a list of features doesn't make a site good on its own. We had to test those features to see if they stand up to their offer. Find out about the site's games and its other bonus features and learn what you can truly expect from this gambling establishment.

4000 Games: Some Good, Some Not

When you first look through the cluster of different games available at this casino it's overwhelming. It's awe-inspiring to dig through over 4,000 separate games, but it isn't all great. We loved the feeling of endless possibility, as we sifted through countless slots, table games, poker, keno, video poker, roulette and so much more. While we started off being impressed by the list of games, we quickly became overwhelmed by the options. There are so many options that you could spend hours digging through everything.

We noted games from top-tier software companies, and located many old favorites gamblers will be familiar with, but the site has many obscure games as well, and some aren't well-made.

What we're saying is that you'll find every sort of game here, and if you enjoy the thrill of the hunt as you look for a new game, Red Dice is perfect. However, if you want to hop on and play high-quality games in a short period of time, you might get frustrated by the many low-quality offerings here. You have to do your own searching before you'll find games you love and that are worth playing. You could stick with only well-known brands and have a good time, but if you do that you might as well join a different casino with fewer obscure offerings and better bonuses.

Standard Bonus Offers

The bonuses at Red Dice aren't amazing, which didn't surprise us given the site goes all out on its game offerings. Even though you aren't going to find the all-time best bonuses here, you'll find standard bonuses that you're comfortable with. We saw many deposit match bonuses, some free spin offers, and countless reload bonuses. There are enough bonuses to keep bonus money rolling in at all times, the offers just don't have the same huge deposit match perks that some other bonus offers provide. You'll be a bit limited by the promotions you get from this casino, and you'll have to be willing to sacrifice with smaller bonuses in order to enjoy the huge variety of games offered here.

Games Can Be Played Free

If you want to test games without risking money, you're free to do so here. Most games have a demo version you can access to test things out. Leverage this feature for entertainment and to try new games you’re curious about.

Mobile Support is Excellent

The site is optimized for mobile devices and you can access most Red Dice games via Android or iOS devices. Load the casino on an iPad or smartphone and enjoy all the same features you have on a computer.

No Bitcoin Support

We wish this casino supported Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but it doesn't. Most other typical banking methods are available, including bank transfers, eWallet services, credit and debit cards, and more, but we could not use Bitcoin during our test period.

Overall, Red Dice Casino is the right site to join if you want a never-ending list of games to dig through and you don't mind treasure hunting. It's not a site for bonus seekers or for crypto users. We still recommend it however because how many other online casinos carry over 4,000 games?