Princess Casino

Princess Cruises is a well-known cruise-line offering huge luxurious ships traveling to countless destinations each year. The company is now offering its largest casino ever aboard its new Sun Princess ship. The latest casino is much larger than any of the casinos offered on its older ships, and that means more gambling opportunities for everyone on board. The Sun Princess cruise liner is sized to hold more than 4,000 guests in luxury, and it comes fitted with some of the most impressive amenities, including one of the largest casinos aboard a cruise liner today.

Enjoy More than 200 Games

There are more than 200 different machines offering either slots or video poker lgames inside the casino. That gives hundreds of gamblers simple options to choose from. The games include slots like Bufallo Zone and Love Boat among others. There are so many different slot machines to choose from that gamblers can swap to new games many times throughout the trip without running out of options to try.

Enjoy Live Table Games

With 13 different live tables there are spots to enjoy roulette, blackjack, poker, and more. The tables come with dealers and provide that official in-person gambling experience that many players are looking for. The casino has several different options for many of the popular table games, giving you a few options to work with.

9,000 Square Feet of Gambling Space

The casino built on Sun Princess occupies a total of 9,000 square feet, creating space for dozens of gamblers to walk comfortably. The casino will be located adjacent to the Piazza and feature some of the most modern slot games you can experience in person today.

Enjoy the Upscale High Limit Area

For players with finer tastes and larger bankrolls, there's a complete high-limit slot area complete with high-end seating that you won't find elsewhere. If your bankroll is big enough you can play for huge prizes in this section of the casino while experiencing some of the most fast-paced games available.

Progressive Jackpot Slots are Available

Some of the casinos inside the Princess Casino come equipped with progressive jackpots that connect players with the outside world. These huge jackpot slots give gamblers a chance oversized prizes and some of the biggest wins available today.

Debuts in February 2024

The casino is first set to debut on the Sun Princess cruiseline in February 2024, but will be around for years to come for guests to enjoy. The Sun Princess cruise line is made to comfortably support 4,300 guests and creates some of the most luxurious and enjoyable traveling conditions you can get today. The 175,500 ton vessel is truly a sight to behold and comes speckled with balconies, sun decks, and other lofty lounge locations all over its exterior.

If you're interested in enjoying this new casino when it's released, continue following Princess cruise lines for more information about its latest casino, the Sun Princess ship, and voyages that make use of the intense new cruiseline.

If you're a gambling aficionado you'll love having access to such a luxurious casino while out on the sea, and that's just one of the countless entertainment opportunities aboard the ship. It's easy to get excited at all the possibilities aboard the Sun Princess!