Vera Casino

Vera Casino

If you're looking for an appealing, licensed and accessible crypto casino, then you have come to the right place with Vera Casino. Unlike many others, Vera Casino allows everybody the chance to win bonuses and prizes whilst enjoying playing their favourite games. There are dozens of games to choose from, so the choice is yours. The community in Vera Casinos has been described as dynamic, so you are sure to find your niche fast. No matter how you enjoy to play, Vera Casino will definitely have something for you.

Brilliant Bonuses and Promotions

Vera Casino is very generous with their promotions. In the month of January, they hold four powerful tournaments with a prize pool of $1,000 dollars each. On the last day of January, the winners that came from 1st to 10th place have the chance to share $3,000 of extra prize money. That will definitely help ease the January blues, don't you think? They also include other bonuses such as Wager, which is 10x the bonus amount. Last but not least, they also include a 10% cashback every week, regardless of their loyalty status. This really can help gamers regain a positive outlook. It also happens on a Monday, so definitely a good start to the new week.

Super Slots and Games

The selection of games in Vera Casino is enormous. You really could spend hours scrolling through the almost endless list of games. Vera Casino has got a very broad range, so you are sure to find a game that excites you and captivates you. They have games such as Gates of Olympus, which is rated one of the highest in the casino. Not only that, but they also have Midas Golden Touch, Serial and The Dog House Megaways. As you can probably guess by the titles of the games, they have many different themes going on. Each game is simply original. In every aspect. The design, the theme, the gameplay, the graphics. You name it. You are bound to be impressed with the amount of options you have. You can clearly see how much work goes into the games. If you are into aesthetics, then you will certainly be satisfied here. The graphics are really beautiful. They are developed to such a high quality that you can often find yourself mesmerised by them, instead of focusing on the actual game. Of course, the gameplay takes over eventually, with interesting stories and characters. We have many themes going on in Vera Casino, such as those of Greek Mythology, Egyptian history, the Wild West and even serial killers, if that's your thing. Vera Casino isn't here to judge, they're here to simply allow you to play the games that truly captivates you. Another couple of examples include Napoleon, White Rabbit and Aztec Fire. The list is, as mentioned before, pretty much endless, so what are you waiting for? Start looking!

Banking and Customer Support

Vera Casino is a fully licensed casino, which gives the player a sense of security. This will subconsciously allow you to really ease into the gameplay, whilst being in safe hands. As well as that, your personal information is fully secure. Vera Casino uses the latest technology and security measures to make sure that your personal information is safe. If you are somebody that likes to be alerted when new bonus offers are created, then fear not, because you have the option to get notified to your email address, which I think is a great plus. The banking methods are conveniently made for the players, taking away any additional stress that might cause. Vera Casino also accepts many currencies such as cryptocurrencies like; mBTX, DOGE, mETH, mLTC, USDTT and finally, USDTE. Again, this is just another great example about how Vera Casino likes to tailor for all. The casino has something for everybody.

Should you have any other queries, you can search in the frequently asked questions to find an answer. If you don't find it there, they have 24/7 hour support for all of their customers. Once again, allowing the player to fully relax and enjoy knowing that they are being taken care of.. Vera Casino truly is one of a kind, because they put the gamer first in every situation you could imagine. They even have social media platforms, so if you wish, you can reach out to them there as well.

Lastly, Vera Casino is available on both the web and mobile. It is compatible with iOS and Android, so you can use it wherever and whenever you please. If you are worried about the language of the casino, there's no need to worry, because luckily, Vera Casino was created to be multilingual. You can switch between languages in the upper right hand corner. This makes it a diverse and multicultural experience.

As you may have gathered, Vera Casino is an exceptional casino, and it has my highest of recommendations.