Game Weighting Percentages And Casino Bonuses

The game weighting percentages are one of the many terms and conditions that come with casino bonuses yet are frequently disregarded and probably shouldn't, as they impact your casino bonus!

In this post, we'll talk about game weightings and how bad they might be for your chances of using a casino bonus to win real money.

What is a Bonus?

A bonus is a casino's incentive to players to increase their playing options. Bonus money, which may be used to purchase slots, table games, or any other item the casino sells, can be included in a bonus.

A bonus may also include free spins, which the player may utilize on a particular game or games without using their own invested funds. As part of their promotions, casinos may also give cashback deals, loyalty rewards, and other benefits.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

In the simplest terms, a wagering requirement establishes the amount of money a player must spend before they are permitted to withdraw any bonus gains. For example, if a bonus is subject to a 30x wagering requirement, it means that players will have to wager their funds at least thirty times before cashing out any winnings!

Intro: What Are Game Weighting Percentages

Only those players who must fulfill wagering requirements due to a welcome bonus or ongoing promotion should be concerned about casino game weighting. It is often divided between each offered game and indicated as a percentage. Therefore, in addition to having particular rates for each type of game, including bingo, table games, and slots, amongst others. However, narrow that down to particular games like blackjack, poker, and even individual slot games that might have their weighting.

Casino Game Weightings

The casino sets these weightings like other facets of casino bonuses and is found in the general terms and conditions. Table and live casino games are weighted far less-nearer to 10%-than slots, often at 100%. Here's a quick example to further understand the difference the game weightings make:

  • Slots (100%): Your wagering requirements will deduct the value of every wager you make on slot machines. Simply put, a $1 wager will subtract $1 from your total stake. So, to cash out from a bonus of $50 in bonus credits with 30x wagering requirements, you would need to bet $1,500 ($50 x 30) on slot machines.
  • Table Games (5%): Say you want to play table games; their game weighting is 5%. This means that only 5% will go towards the wagering requirement. Following the previous example, from the $1,500, only $575 would be taken off the wagering requirements.

The Bottom Line

What you should take from this quick read is that you play just casino games with weighting percentages set to 100%. In the limited time you have to use your bonus, it is nearly impossible to try and win real money using a bonus on a game that does not return 100% of your bet.