Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving Day is a celebration for Americans each year, and anyone who's witnessed the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade knows what a spectacle the event can be! It's full of life, with heart-racing music, massive floats portraying all varieties of characters, and thousands of people in attendance celebrating the event while millions more watch. The event is flashy and worth remembering, and we've decided to create a special Thanksgiving event of our own. Only, we're celebrating the flashiest and most worthwhile slots instead. Come and see our Thanksgiving Day Parade of Slots and find out how you can enjoy the holiday with some of the most pleasurable gambling.

Mechanical Orange Comes Out in Front

To start the parade comes our number one slot pick, Mechanical Orange. Steampunk devices infused inside a stunning glowing orange create quite the spectacle on this starry night slot. The game features a basic 3x3 layout with an excellent payout rate, but it's the bonus features that will make you stop and take note. Mechanical Orange is a clear pick for deep celebration, and it's just the first of many top-slot recommendations available.

Beast Band Creates a Memorable Music Performance

Just like the famed Thanksgiving Day Parade that millions watch annually, our parade cannot be complete without a high-energy band. Beast Band is the high-intensity musical sensation that offers intense bonuses, including re-spins, massive jackpots, and a coin collect feature. As you play you'll hear edgy guitar riffs, thumping drums, and fast-paced music that transports you to another world. All the instruments are played by animals in this game, and you can't help but become entranced as the Wolf, Fox, Hog, and Bull create beautiful music.

10 Times Vegas Captivates with its Flashing Lights

Parades are ultimately flashy entertainment. They're a spectacle for all to see and enjoy, and what spectacle could be more entrancing than a glittery light-covered Vegas-themed slot. That's precisely why 10 Times Vegas is the next slot in our marching parade. Its high-energy music, intense animations, and glowing neon lights make everyone take note of this slot, but 10 Times Vegas is more than a flashy spectacle. The slot delivers wilds with between 2x and 10x multipliers, it gives out jackpot spins, offers a growing progressive jackpot, and manages to create a unique play experience for every gambler who's interested in spinning its reels.

Candy Monsta Delivers Sweet Treats and Costumed Fun

Finally, we finish up our Thanksgiving Day slot parade with Candy Monsta. After all, what Thanksgiving Day parade would be complete without costumes, candies, and special treats? Candy Monsta brings those experiences to life and makes perfect sense as the final game in our parade celebration. You'll relish in the brilliant flashy costumes as you play, and you could be one of the lucky gamblers that wins huge from the free spin round with unlimited re-triggers. This game has the potential to pay off big to the luckiest players among us.

Thanksgiving Day is an enjoyable day of celebration for many, but nobody is in charge of how you celebrate. You can just as easily enjoy a day of intense slots and modern gambling as you could eating huge heaps of food and watching a traditional parade. Heck, you could even do both, and that's exactly what we would recommend!