Incognito Poker

Online poker is a game of skill and a game of reading your opponents. Many of the highest-performing poker players spend time tracking the opponents they play against. Specialized heads-up display tools track the gamblers in online poker rooms and supply advice to players gaming against them. These units offer an unfair advantage to some players in online poker rooms, and it can lead to losing more often than you should. To combat this issue Ignition Casino recently launched its Incognito Poker feature.

What is Incognito Poker

Incognito Poker is a special form of online poker that anonymizes all the players at an online table. Instead of showing your user name each time you visit a poker table or enter a tournament, everyone will have a random number. Since your number changes each time you play at one of these tables it's impossible for poker players to track your playstyle over time. This helps you avoid players using specialized tracking tools that look for play style trends and that make predictions about what plays will work best against specific gamblers.

How HUDs Offer an Unfair Advantage to Veteran Players

HUDs are special software tools that track everything other poker players do at a table. When using one of these tracking tools you can log all the folds, checks, raises, and every other decision a player makes over time. With enough data, these devices can begin predicting what a player will do and offer advice to you. This is unfair because the HUD gives you a clear advantage that will result in more wins than losses over time.

Level the Playing Field with Incognito Poker

Incognito poker levels the playing field for every gambler involved in online poker tournaments and cash tables because there is no time for the other players to learn how you play. Each player will have to read you and learn you during that specific game, giving you time to bluff and make effective plays before the other gamblers learn your specific style.

Incognito is Only Available at Anonymous Tables

Ignition Casino isn't making all its poker tables anonymous. Instead, it's limiting this feature to select tables. If anonymous poker doesn't sound appealing to you, you can play the same way you always have. If you're tired of other gamblers predicting your every move, you can swap to an anonymous table and level the playing field.

Enjoy Cash Tables or Tournament Play

Whether you want to spend time at a cash table or you enjoy entering poker tournaments, both options are available with Incognito mode. You can enter these anonymous tables or tournaments and compete against other poker players with a level playing field. It's still possible for players to spend time learning how you gamble, but they won't have hundreds or thousands of hours of data on your playstyle. The players with HUDs will have to spend time learning everyone at the table like all the standard players. Everyone will enjoy poker play that's fair, giving you a chance to win based on your individual skills.

Practice For Real-World Tournaments

When you play against gamblers with HUDs they have more information than random players will have when you play them in tournaments. If you plan to enter major poker tournaments against random players you can hone your skills in these anonymous tables. The play will be the same at anonymous tables as it is in major tournaments where you're facing new players all the time.

Stop other gamblers from beating you with specialized software and use Incognito Poker at Ignition Casino. It's simple to use and gives you a fresh start each time you sit down at a poker table.