Fliff Sports Betting

At Fliff Sports Betting you place social sports wagers. There is no real money involved, but it's still entertaining. If you like sports wagering, but don't want to use your money, Fliff is a decent option.

What is Fluff Sports?

This sports platform is the best way to try sports wagering for free. Fliff is legal in the States, meaning you can play it even if gambling online isn't normally legal. While a standard sportsbook would likely not be legal, Fluff sports betting makes it easy for you to place wagers and play. There are two currencies, one for free and the other for sweepstakes with real cash available. Pick out games and wager on the winner. Use Fliff to try sports wagering and stick with it for long-term fun.

The Difference Between Fliff Coins and Fliff Cash

There are two different currencies on this platform, and they function differently. Fliff coins are meant purely for entertainment purposes and can be used to wager on any of the sporting events. These can be claimed daily, and you can purchase additional packages to increase your coins balance. If you're wondering what do Fliff coins do, they work like money would at a standard sportsbook, but they aren't actual money so there is no risk to you.

How Does Fliff Work?

This social sports site has free coins for wagering on events. Take your daily coins and place wagers on different matchups in an effort to win more coins. You can enter contests and can rank up in the loyalty program as well. The site has Fliff Coins for entertainment and Fliff Cash for entering sweepstakes with real cash prizes. Use both of the currencies and play for wins at this online sportsbook. We love Fliff for its simplicity and because the mobile app is so accessible.

Is Fliff Real Money?

Fliff coins are play money meant for fun wagers. Fliff Cash has a real value to it that can be leveraged to enter sweepstakes and to try and win real money. Fliff coins can be obtained free or purchased through packages, but Fliff Cash can only be gifted to you or claimed through one of the free methods available.

Use the Fliff App

If you decide to play at Fliff you can do so on the powerful mobile app. Players are impressed by how simple the app is to use. The site is basic to navigate as well. If you like gambling on a mobile device you will appreciate the powerful app that comes with Fliff.

Win Real Prizes in Fliff Sweepstakes

Fliff is designed to be for social players and is meant to give gamblers free fun fast. While that is the main purpose of the platform, you can use your Fliff Cash to enter into different sweepstakes.

How to Cash Out on Fliff

The best way to cash out when using Fliff is to claim gift cards. If you have an abundance of earned XP you can translate that into gift cards to your favorite restaurants or stores. Look through the many different gift card options and claim cards to make purchases that you're most interested in. With the gift card store, it's easy to convert your time on Fliff into something you can enjoy elsewhere. The casino isn't designed to make you rich, and should mostly be for fun, but you'll love claiming some gift cards as well. If you do win a cash prize on one of the sweepstakes you can take that money out using the cashier tab.

Fliff makes wagering on sporting events accessible to everyone. If you want a way to make the next sports match you watch more exciting, join Fliff and try its features. You'll be impressed by how much more entertaining a game is when you have even a fake money wager riding on it.