Cash Back Bonuses

Cash Back Bonuses are given to players who either lost their entire deposit, lost some of their money, or provided as part of the casino's Loyalty or VIP Program. If a player loses their full deposit, most casinos will give back 50% of their losses. The average amount of Cash Back Bonuses go as high as 20% at most online casinos. However, when there is a more significant Cash Back Bonus, the wager requirements go up. To fully appreciate and understand cash back bonuses, it is incumbent upon players to read the Bonus Terms of Cash Back Bonuses.

Do Players Receive Cash Back Bonuses on Losses Immediately?

No. According to the terms and conditions of a particular casino, Cash Back Bonuses payout after a certain amount of time has passed, and this payout is different for each online casino. But what is consistent for all casinos is the portion paid back.

What are the Rules for Cash Back Bonuses?

Cash Back Bonuses rules are different at every online casino. Please refer to their Bonus Terms to access how the Cash Backs are given. The amount you have to wager to qualify for cash back bonuses differs from one promotional period to the next. An online cash back bonus is given to loyal players monthly or every other week. The amount of the cash back bonuses players earn correlates directly to the amount of money they lost during their previous period of gameplay. These bonuses are paid out in cash directly to their online casino account or sometimes given as credit towards more casino play.