Platinum Reels Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

Platinum Reels Casino is so fast to release new slots to their players, the new game promo we're talking about here is now available. When you visit their casino, you'll see the new games on the homepage. You might also see one of those games coming soon, depending on the release date.

The game we referred to in the title is called Sparky 7, and it has now arrived at Platinum Reels Casino. Want to know more?

Select Sparky 7 to find it at the instant play casino

The game image takes you to the main page of the instant play lobby at Platinum Reels Casino. This means you can spot all the new games near the top of that section of the site. The first one we saw was indeed Sparky 7, and you can now try it at the casino.

What's in the Sparky 7 slot game?

How about three reels and five lines to begin with? You'll also see lots of sevens and bar symbols, along with a W as the wild (in gold), and a BONUS icon as the scatter.

Transferring symbols make an appearance here too, as there is a smaller fourth reel that comes in useful in this feature. This is not a standard three-reel slot, that's for sure, so Sparky 7 could spark some interest in you if you'd like to check it out in more detail.

Watch for new game promos for other forthcoming slots too

Now that you can see how Platinum Reels promotes its games, you can expect to see other promos advertised on their landing page. Make sure you check whether anything like this appears there on each visit, as it could lead to some cool new offers and promos to look for.

Once the promoted games launch, you can play them at Platinum Reels

This is the best bit of looking for new slot releases at Platinum Reels Casino. As we've seen with this game, the game launches along with a demo, so you can easily go for that version even if you're not part of the site yet. Who can say if the next release might be the one that persuades you to join this casino? We'll be

watching for news of the next release soon.